4 effective ways to reduce arm fat

4 effective ways to reduce arm fat

To reduce your weight, you need a special diet and, of course, you need to exercise regularly. People who have fat in their arms were very difficult to reduce them. This 4 exercises will help you achieve your goal.


If you are not used to lift more weight then begging, you will have problems to do push-ups, but it is only until you get used to it. Make first less than push ups with regular breaks, or do push ups women that are easier because the weight is not on the toes, but on his knees.

Once you get used to regular exercises with push ups, you'll have no problem. Make open push-ups, with a space between the hands wider than shoulder or more closed push ups when hands are closest to each other 


Here are some of these exercises that apparently look easy, but as soon as you try, you can see that they are hard, but also very effective. Stand tall and spread your arms as if you want to give someone a huge hug. Your arms should be straight, with palms facing the ceiling. Rotate your arm back as far as you can in a horizontal line so that the palms are again open. Then return your hands to its original position and repeat the exercise. Do not drop your arms down until you do a series of exercises. At the beginning do not force yourself because the next day you will have muscle pain for some. Let your body get used to the routine. 


exercise is called scissors, because the movements resembled work with scissors. Stand up straight and straighten your arms in front of you in the height of the shoulders. Imagine that you have huge scissors and you need to open and close them. First spread the distance between the arms, and then bring them near the Middle so that the fold hands, then down again. Alternatively change the hands that overlap, so first the left hand comes on the right, and vice versa. Repeat the exercise at least 20 times. 

If you do these exercises for 15 minutes every day, very soon, you will notice a difference in your hands. 

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