Transform grease into muscle

Transform grease into muscle

You have too much fats, and want to transform your fat into muscle? It is completely possible and it is rather easy

to lose some grease it is necessary to favour sports of long lasted, more than 45 minutes, at the same time the muscle dévelloperas with shorter and more intense efforts, therefore a session with financial years long begins, portrays oarsman, to lose some grease, then classical machine to make the whole of the muscle with a regime rich in meat (protein) and poor man in grease and the turn is played

How to transform grease into muscles?

He is naïve to think that some minutes of training can speed up the process of combustion of grease first, to get the body then in an absolutely different mode, forcing it to construct muscle tissue thanks to the energy acquired by the combustion of grease.

Organism is much more complex, and the cycle of metabolic process takes at least several hours, or several days in certain cases. For instance, if you begin losing food, the body is going to change its metabolism from the fourth day only.

Energy for trainings

The first 40-50 minutes of training, your body uses in most cases the glycogen, diverted from some sugar, which piles up with provision in carbohydrates. They consider that the body needs glycogen (1) from 80 to 150 g for a training.

It is only having used the reservations of glycogen which the body crosses to other sources of energy: proteins and grease, or to be more definite, muscles and free fatty acids. In that case, the cortisol, the hormone of stress, makes the body burn muscles particularly.
Grease as source of energy

Main condition to "tear off " fatty acids free from adipose cells is a weak rate of sugar (insulin) in blood. Liberated fatty acids are transported by the blood flow towards the liver where they are used for the production of energy.

A rate of always well brought up sugar, caused by the uninterrupted catch of carbohydrates, blocks the processes of combustion of grease, getting out of the habit the body progressively to use subcutaneous grease as source of energy.

05 advice to lose poor grease:


 to appropriate on length alertness, to benefit from an adapted monitoring, not to "tear along " on « miracle regimes type « has late dinner in the cabbage »!!! or other aberration, progressively to try to advance in comparison with " culture » or " beliefs » that they meet in certain sports where weight is an element importing performance: dance, gymnastics, and certainly sports with weighty categories: boxing, judo. But check, one " day » fruits or " day vegetables » one time a week if this day there there is not training: why not; use then fruits or vegetables which you will buy at a market gardener's of kind to make sure of the presence of good vitamins, trace elements, of mineral.

2/it is necessary to stop absolutely eating grease?

Especially not! Grease is necessary to the harmonious functioning of the body and the cerebrum.

how - to slim They act as reservation of energy, as basic materials to fabricate hormones (among whom hormones to slim, eh yes!), and is used for a heap of important things by organism.

Themselves bring vitamins A, D, E and K, liposolubles, that is to say « blended in fat ».

Side line, no anxiety: studies show that they lose weight more easily when they eat a little grease that by making the dead end completely. It is therefore distinctly more efficient to learn to use the good quantity of grease, by choosing them well.

3/ATTENTION in alcohol:

wine, beer, drink... To drink a lot of water is also another way to reduce poor grease in the body. Thanks to its drainage effect, water allows to eliminate waste easily and favours the regeneration of cells.

4/ATTENTION in nibblings between meals:

soda, chocolate (a square a day no more), pain-beurre-fromage, pastries, cookies, viennoiseries. Be held only in "my" light meals.

5/omega do 3 too make put on weight?

Advantageous for the health of the heart and the cerebrum, omega 3 also play an advantageous role in the management of weight. Omega 3 grease is ' burn grease '. Explanation …

They take the place of other grease and contrary to saturated grease, omega 3 is easily repeated in the circulation of the blood to be used, be therefore burned.
Other positive point, these are of great making more active. Antidepressants, they optimize sports activity, augment the short, basic metabolism, they oppose to the overweight.

Omega 3 good combustibles for cells are also and they soften up blood cells.
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