The 5 disadvantages to use too much fiber

The fibrous food are highly recommended to keep your body to stay thin, in good health and reduce the risk of various diseases . But the excessive consumption of fibers is also harmful to the body.

 The consumption of foods rich in fiber has many benefits, such as the reduction of risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer of the colon and breast cancer.

The experts suggest that the needs of adults are on average about 25 grams (women) and 30 grams (men) and 20 grams for children. But when people consume more fiber, up to 45 grams per day, the fiber can be bad for the body. You can see the disadvantages of consuming too much of fibers below.

Disadvantage (1 ) : the constipation

in fact, when people eat fiber in sufficient quantities and appropriate, the fiber will clean the dirt in the stomach and intestine may become more gentle. But if you eat more fiber that your body needs, the fiber can cause constipation. That is because the fiber absorbs water through the digestive system. Therefore, if people consume too much fiber, water will be too absorb in the digestive tract. The result can be the constipation.

-Disadvantages (2): Dehydration

The 5 disadvantages to use too much fiber
For the same reason above that the fibers can absorb water, it is not surprising that the people who consume too many fibers will experience the dehydration (lack of body fluids).

-Disadvantages (3): flatulence
The abdominal distension is a by-product of the combination of the gases of digestion in the body. Excess fiber can cause abdominal bloating, because intestinal bacteria digesting them too of fiber, which makes the gas as a by-product.

-Disadvantages (4): Swell
Generally, people eat a lot of fiber hoping to maintain their weight. But the fact is that the consumption of too many fibers can induce people to take the weight.

This happens because the consumption of more fibers leads to the absorption of more water. Thus, the quantity of water that is not needed can be stored in the body, this process is called the water retention.
The water retained by the suite in your body can cause a weight gain.

-Disadvantages (5): reduce the chances of being pregnant

The research shows that the consumption of too much fiber may reduce the rate of estrogen and certain other hormones of reproduction such as progesterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone.

The high input in fibers, in particular from fruit is also associated with a high risk of having menstrual cycles anovulatory, when the ovaries do not trigger the egg. These results have been reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

 The fiber is very beneficial for the body, but it must be remembered that when it is excessive, of course it will bring a bad effects. Therefore, you must always check your power supply and eat according to the needs of your body.
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